Friday, March 28, 2014

Hit the Ground Running

Week one from being back after spring break is now over and what a week it was! There was barely time to meet up with friends to ask how their breaks were! Everyone was having exams, interviewing for summer jobs, and preparing elections for clubs. I personally had an interview for OGL, Orientation Group Leader, this week. If I get it, I would stay at WNE for the summer and help out at our summer orientation called SOAR ( I also am starting to work on some undergraduate research! One of my engineering professors contacted me, and starting this coming week, I will be working on research for him 6-8 hours a week. It is an amazing opportunity and it really reminds me of how amazing WNE is. This is also a crazy week because everyone is choosing housing for next year ( and making their schedules. It is starting to feel like my junior year is right around the corner!
I may not be in Aruba anymore, but the temperature in Massachusetts is finally rising, the snow is melting, and the projects are starting, so I am glad to be back at my home away from home.